Pre-Implantation Methylation Screening (PIMS)

A pioneering technology to greatly increase the live birth rate and reduce the birth defects in ART practice, helping families relief from mental struggling and economic burden.

Preimplantation DNA Methylation Screening Kit (PIMS Kit)

Leading the development of reproductive technology

to make infertility and birth defects history

Worldwide pioneering technology with 8 years of ingenious research and development

Three platforms based on epigenetic technology + big data

About Us

Providing integrated solution for reproduction

Making infertility and birth defects history

Guangzhou Nvwa Life Technology Co., Ltd. is a world-leading innovative company with genome epigenetics research and medical transformation platform. On two major technology platforms (the technology platform of whole-genome library preparation of trace cells and the database platform of human epigenetics), Nvwa aims for longitudinal and in-depth development and promotion of products in the epigenetic field and market, which indicate the product pathway from assisted reproductive tests, to obstetrical as well as neonatal epigenetic disease tests, and then from epigenetic diagnosis to epigenetic editing treatment.

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World-class R & D team

Innovative technology in its first

BSL-2 Medical Laboratory

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