Genetic Testing of Miscarriage Tissue

Product introduction

through the CNV detection of miscarriage tissue, to determine the cause of miscarriage.

Product advantage

  • Reliable results:99.9% of the chromosomal structural abnormalities can be detected
  • High resolution:resolution up to 100 kb

Applicable population

unexplained spontaneous abortion and biochemical pregnancy

Sample collection

Service process

genetic counseling

identify clinical indications

samples collection

miscarriage tissue

for about size of soybean grain


sample transport

-80°C cold chain transport

full range temperature monitoring

genetics testing of miscarriage tissue

15 working days

test report

analysis of cause of abortion

Case analysis

  • Clinical information:G2P0, second biochemical pregnancy. In 2017, missed abortion once.
  • Test protocol:human genome copy number variation(CNV) testing and STR genotyping

  • Molecular karyotype:seq[hg19](1-15,17-22)x2,(X,Y)xl,(16)x3(mos76%)