Pre-Implantation Methylation Screening(PIMS)

Product introduction

Pre-Implantation Methylation Screening (PIMS) can examine both the copy number variation of chromosomes (CNV) and DNA methylation information with a self-developed single-cell genome methylation sequencing method, combined with artificial intelligence algorithm to screen the embryo developmental potential, select embryo for implantation, and thus promote the birth rates.

Product advantage

innovative technology

new scientific discovery——the relationship with methylation and embryonic development

epigenetic testing——embryonic imprinted gene detection

three detection

genome methylation detection

copy number variation of chromosomes (CNV) detection

epigenetic diseases detection

clinical improvement

promote the birth rates

reduce the birth defect rates

accurate detection

high resolution——the detection accuracy can reach 1Mb

high coverage——cover all chromosomes

Applicable population

all IVF family

patients with recurrent spontaneous abortion

patients with repeated implantation failure

Service process

genetic counseling

identify the clinical indications

sample collection

6-8 trophoblast cell


sample transport

cold chain transport at -80°C

full range temperature monitoring

PIMS detection

15 workdays

detection report

ranking of embryo for implantation