About Nvwa

Guangzhou Nvwa Life Technology Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as “Nvwa Life”) is a world-leading innovative company with genome epigenetics research and medical transformation platform. On two major technology platforms (the technology platform of whole-genome library preparation of trace cells and the database platform of human epigenetics), Nvwa aims for longitudinal and in-depth development and promotion of products in the epigenetic field and market, which indicate the product pathway from assisted reproductive tests, to obstetrical as well as neonatal epigenetic disease tests, and then from epigenetic diagnosis to epigenetic editing treatment.

Nvwa Life has constructed a R&D laboratory and BSL-2 level medical laboratory covering an area of 3200 square meters in science and technology enterprise accelerating zone, Guangzhou. In December 2021, the founder won the title of Leading Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Huangpu District, and the company was chosen as one of the key enterprises supported by the district. In April 2022, Nvwa Life was granted the practicing license of medical Institution, thereafter Nvwa officially launched laboratory developed test mainly focus on PIMS.

Nvwa Life established a new generation of ART by using pre-implantation DNA methylation screening of embryos,which has obtained international patents. Pre-Implantation Methylation Screening (PIMS) can examine both the copy number variation of chromosomes (CNV) and DNA methylation information with a self-developed single-cell genome methylation sequencing method, combined with artificial intelligence algorithm, PIMS has brought a new technical theory and solution to the field of assisted reproduction. Currently, the birth rate per embryo transfer in China is nearly 30%,while PIMS can increase the rate up to 75% instead. By utilizing big data and AI technology, Nvwa has been collecting epigenetic data like DNA methylome from thousands of families, which could lead to continuous increment of PIMS applications. For now, PIMS is capable of screening for imprinted genetic diseases, combined with artificial intelligence algorithm to predict the embryo developmental potential, and thus select the optimal embryo for implantation.

Based on bioinformatics and genomics, and artificial intelligence platform, Nvwa Life will continue providing leading technical services for major hospitals, reproductive centers and partner organizations, and provide automated library preparation workstation and detection kits for the partners.

Nvwa Life aims to make the infertility and birth defect history. In the future, Nvwa will continue providing excellent epigenetics related medical testing services for customers from field of assisted reproduction and personalized medicine, and contribute to human’s health and reproduction.

Company Philosophy